punch line

I was just thinking about self reflection, growth, action and fun…
oh my goodness they’re even just awesome words XD

proper self knowledge, honesty, happiness and passion… put those on your checklist as well…
no one else owns your life… you do… why not try these things?
why not fully experience life,
what others do is not what you have done, and there is never any certainty that you can or will… unless you have the right mindset and you follow the path towards it.

destructive criticism is not your’s… It is no ones, it’s a game, that plays you…

build yourself on solid stuff 😉


This site is about making myself happy

The reason I started making this blog was to make myself happy and put down all the fun stuff I came across and be myself, mabey make other people enjoy themselves reading it as well,

but it somehow turned into more questions for me…
actions speak louder than words…
That is something that weighs on my chest..
for now I wont go into that…

I hope that I can put down my thoughts… so as I will not be disappointed,

Which would you prefer, the best beggar in the world who gets everything he wants,
or someone who gets things done step by step and with his own effort

the answer seems obvious… doesn’t it… whatever it is to you…
how do you value yourself…

Change is here

I will always remember you

how you truly were to me

and I will always remember your smile…

thank you grandma

Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson – Söknuður

Bubbi Morthens – Kveðja

I made this slideshow
It is sung by Karítas

(sorry, I don’t know how to transfer the slideshow on to this blog yet)

takk fyrir allt elsku amma mín

á endanum sé ég á himni

hugurinn flýgur útum allt

en aldrei ég þér gleymi…


Here’s an Outfit, Frilly, girly, cool and chic
AND I have the links!! 😀

A black scarf on top 🙂 THIS one is from amazon 🙂

I got this awesome lace top from THIS awesome site, you should definitely check out their clothes! 🙂

oh and don’t wear that necklace with this outfit, please XI

I got these light wash jeans from THIS site over here, very nice site 😀

these awesome shoes give off a bit of “cowgirl”(lol) feeling and i really would like these with this outfit, I got these shoes from THIS site

what a cute ring :O