I’m constantly browsing different websites on the web and I’ve accumulated a rather large bookmarks folder, Here are a few sites that I liked 🙂

Food related:

A website that helps you with recipes you just input what you have available and it finds recipes for you based on that:

This is a website designed for hungry eyes, you see something that looks delicious, click the picture and volá, super simple. All you have to do is carry it out :3

Mind related:

this website can help you with all kinds of things, not only things concerning your mind but all aspects of your life. A lot of articles to help you find a solution to problems you might have or be thinking about, Lifehacker, just look at that spiffy name :3

This website I’m about to mention is phenomenal, I really like going through it occasionally and finding something to stir up my brain, It has lectures from various people on all kinds of topics, it is well worth the watch and listen and gives you an idea of things that are being done in the world, and put in to change 🙂

Music related:

this site has a good amount of playlists I like to put on when I’m doing something, search for whatever your style is and discover a new awesome sounding playlist ^^

THis next one, don’t be surprised, the track starts as soon as you enter, so mind your speakers and location :3 but I found this site to be interesting, and I enjoyed the music. there is a controller in the top right corner for the music tracks, enjoy exploring 😉


Picture related:

Imgfave one of my favorite picture archive :3

I have tons and tons of other bookmarked pages, but this is a good start to browse through

also you could listen to Alan Watts, rediscover cartoons you watched as a kid and many other things

here is something if your’e in the mood to discover more websites,3253,l=230657&a=230658&po=36,00.asp/

so lots to do! 😀 go do stuff :3


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