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Disney songs

oh my oh my…

Disney movies have always been awesome, and the music sweet and going perfectly with the movie :3
usually X)

these are some awesome Disney songs I like 🙂


kiss the girl ~ little mermaid

Mulan ~ I’ll make a man out of you

Pocahontas~ Colors of the wind

Lion King – Circle of Life

Jungle Book ~ Bare Necessities

The Aristocats ~ Everybody wants to be a cat
(many people might not recognize this but I could never forget the sentence “everybody wants to be a cat” after that song:) !)

Anastasia Once Upon a December
(20th century fox this movie actually -_-”)

aaaahhh I want to put so many moooore 😀

Like lion king ~ can you feel the love toonight
Or tarzan; Aladin, Hercules, Theres so mutch music !! :O

I can always put more up later ^-^

summer is almost here but not quite style! :D

Been waiting forever for the nice weather !! :O

And no Snow Today! 😀

So when it isn’t so cold we prepare to be more outside 😀

We start with our bag 🙂 because we all know we have stuff we want to keep with us :3

in that bag we have a pretty purse

Lets bling up a bit since we have been waiting for a long time for some good weather =D

❤ awsome flat flower ring with pearls

And then this totally awesome elephant pearl necklace

keep this scarf in your bag in case it gets cold :3
(and all the other awesome secrets of the bag of course)

then the outfit simple but nice:)

This T underneath

Then this sweater

These pants are from karmaloop too, just love their pants!
and almost all of their stuff! 😀

And these shoes! just gotta indulge hehe ^-^

So I really like to make up styles and making things pretty! 😀 what do you think of this match?

Its so mutch fun! 😀 hope you liked it 😉

Babies and more babies!

Sooo adorable!
Twin baby boys having a conversation in front of the fridge ! 😀

reminded me of some good old movies,
aaaah… revisiting old movies is truly awesome

Look who’s talking

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Theres always space to be you

“The Music Box” – Daniel Cloud Campos

I think this is pretty awesome:D

Text for the vid:

From the film “Welcome Home” This is a story of a kid, in search for a new apartment rental, who comes across a place that has actually chosen him. When a place speaks to you, you have no other choice but to play along with the tune 🙂

Written/Directed/Edited – Daniel Cloud Campos

Cinematography – Jerry Evans & Troy Christian

Original Music by – Daniel Cloud Campos & Nathan Lanier

Guitar Solo – David Curtain

Sound design – Daniel Cloud Campos & Nathan Lanier

Colorist – Luis Silva
Check out his reel –

Hair & Make up – Valerie Soto

Choreography – Daniel Cloud Campos

Special Thanks – Charlie Schmidt, Tamara Levinson, Jaime “Venum” Burgos, Oscar Orosco, Anthony “Lil Bob” Cabaero and Alex F. Munoz

Camera – EOS Canon 7D

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