CHristmas is my favorite time of the year!
I’ve always loved preparing gifts and thinking how I could make people I care about happy, preparing something that I’d hope would make them happy. Or knowing that even though theres allot of crazy stuff or things that make you sad in the world, Christmas would always give me a heartfelt fealing. Knowing that allot of love is being shared all over the world :3 and that ignites my heart 🙂 on christmas i will putt you under my christmasy spell! XD I love special occations but Christmas has always been special since i was a kid, christmas memory –
litle girl sitting at the table, throwing up because of over excitement right on my dinner plate <_< lol
yeah well not like that anymore, but i still get all excited, and it's the perfect moment to say that I love you. treasure these moments, theyre really important.



One story from the movie animatrix, an animated movie I watched a long time ago :3

It came out 4 years after “the matrix” and one year before “I am robot, the year 2003. those were 2 movies that popped in my head while I was watching the clip again :3 I must have watched the movie a few times already though 🙂


~watching whose line is it anyway

~listening to random music

:Warning random thinking and rambling

~Thinking about all kinds of stuff
Fear, honesty. responsibility. Saying what’s on my mind, not holding anything back because I am going to die one day and if I keep all this shit bottled up it will just make my life miserable right now and in the future. And will just make it harder to sort out… yeah like there is something that is going to make everything right in the future all by itself? hah

Why does a person fling all the shit it can on itself? Or bury it somewhere out of sight? Why does it give up on itself and expect someone or something, a force outside itself to fix them? Deep rooted feelings and beliefs that are imprinted from birth. How easy is it to go on auto pilot? How scary is that?
Not having control over your own actions or even understanding them.


hehe well the world is huge :3 my mind is capable of so many things and doesn’t have to be stuck in a pattern that i don’t like and recognize X3 I want to better myself and live a fulfilling life :3 I want to make the people I care about happy and myself.
I am going to do that.

I like this song.
not saying anything with it ^^

rambling over *