very inspiring :)

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Doesn’t take much

Who said you couldn’t?

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Rock with a small breeze of sweetness

This look is pretty chick rock with a hint of cuteness :3

awesome jacket very rocky rolly 😀 haha

nice little top there cute/cool

Some hip hoppy looking pants that make this look relaxed

shiny woody shoes that show just a hint of skin, they make the whole thing stand out a bit

then come the tiny sprinkles of sweets that make this a bit different 🙂

very nice watch

Sweet Rock

So another style coming up :)~

I just love clothes :3

Wow the pic is big… not going to change it though, you can see all the nice detail like this 😉

And this ring, gives the outfit that finishing touch 🙂


This t-shirt if you want a harder~ish look of it


OR These two together if you want a bit of a sweeter touch


You should try at least ONCE in your life to own leather pants, and rock them ;D

you look at these shoes and you just know they fit, don’t you? :3