Old Spice

Haven’t had the pleasure of trying Old Spice yet, but if Old Spice makes it the way they make their commercials then I would really like a whiff of it

Old Spice | Vending Machine

Old Spice | Flex :30

Old Spice | Motorcycle

(everyone has seen this one right?)
Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like


2 comments on “Old Spice

    • hahaha not if you read the comments XD
      the company that makes axe also makes dove and knorr and i pretty much love those! but Procter & Gamble that make old spice pretty much make all the other awesome girly stuff lol sooo many XO but that wont make the decision whether it smells nice or not :3 and neither does an unimaginative ripoff commercial either ;D kick

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