Into the future brave and strong!

I think progress like this is wonderful, and it looks like so much fun, some people were talking about how it’s alarmingly too connected and shared, and that would be a bridge to cross obviously( in the future that is) but all I could think of as a major setback was the fingers…..

touching these things all day.. anyone who has a touch screen can probably tell you that it can become a hassle… well at least to me… touching that screen for a long time writing multitude of semi important sms-es amd the fingers start to get all… partly hurting? ö_ö picking something up that has smudge inducing things, that tiny noticeable lag that you get from it, doesn’t matter but if the world became like that… all the time, everywhere… alright I guess you get the picture :3 And I wondered… hmmm would our fingers start getting harder or accustomed to these things or would they invent this touch screen finger? that you take around with you on your key chain if those aren’t obsolete as well… -_-”  Im going on a limb here, once this becomes reality I’m going to say ~ I had that idea! lol 🙂

But I do realise this issue is strictly coming from my over imagination and in no way shape or form am I complaining about things that are luxuries…. statement READ! just pondering… °°


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