So I enjoy creating things, very very much 🙂
Drawing, painting, designing, writing and so much more 😀

I want to learn how to use photoshop, and when I go to school I will 🙂 but I’ve been trying to learn it in my own time and it’s really allot of fun for me X)
I’ve looked at few programs for exapmle, manga studio, it was fun using that one, but I couldn’t get all the options to work the way I wanted due to some reasons :3
But I found a very nice program to use, called ~Gimp~

“Note: You will need to download both GTK+ Runtime Environment and The Gimp installers. Install GTK+ before installing The Gimp.”

It’s a free alternative to photoshop and can make awesome pictures 😀 HERE you can find other alternatives as well

If you want nice brushes HERE’S a site you can find some or you can just go to Deviant art and type gimp or gimp brush in search.

Just remember allot of the time there are terms and conditions for using the brushes for commercial use so be sure to check everything out if your’e thinking along those lines 😉

this is a tutorial about the brushes 🙂
it’s a bit old but it still WORKS haha!

he sounds funny XD

just have fun 🙂

I made that one 😀

yeah yeah butterflies are classic XD


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