Links and locations

I’m trying to go through my blog and put up all the links for the stuff I put up, just in case someone wants it 🙂
It’s a little harder than I thought -_-” allot of these things are from before my cat erased my favorites… yeah…. she did that …. I don’t know how… but I could not find my favorites again… it so bizarre how they can do stuff you couldn’t even imagine you could do just by walking over the keyboard… XD

well but yeah, I think it would be more fun for people to read these things if they could locate the stuff Italkabout 😀
It’s a bit of work but I hope people will enjoy it more 😀

It’s usually like that… your’e willing to put much more effort in to the things that you truly like 😀

HERE for the rest of these amazing watercolor pic’s 🙂

I’m going to try to get used to always put up the link to the stuff :3
might be a bit of a challenge…. lol


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