Traditional geisha makeup

If you are like me you might be interested in this nice video about the traditional geisha makeup,
and you can obviously play around with it and make it your own 🙂
the camera man for this video is a bit of a douche, a far cry from being professional -_-”
but it’s very interesting to see:)

if you are thinking about this look here are some things you can use for it 🙂

Graftobian – Disguise Stix

this only costs $3 and it looks pretty nice, buy the white one from that collection
to use it you take a cup or any container fill it with water and dip it in, then you take a brush, sponge or a weapon of your choice and start wiping some color of the stick, you know the rest 🙂

this is paradise makeup, just as I mentioned in one other entry with a makeup video, thismakeup looks really really nice, and versatile, the link to this specific palette can be found HERE

and remember! always always use lots of moisturizer, and prepare your skin nicely, before putting stuff like this on, it creates an extra layer to protect your skin:)

if your’e interested in geisha’s and their history or just how it all works, HERE’S a link for an episode taken from BBC and put on youtube. It is a documentary and it is in parts but easy to follow.

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