Oh my… best food…

Well, I very much like experimenting and making recipes or improvised awesomeness for my taste buds ^-^ and USUALLY I manage to pull it off 😀 if not in the first try, then I just get a rematch X) but my favorite food has got to be shishkebab… Oh my god. When I went to London I learned about a small place close to where we live, there are sooo many places over there that sell shiskebab… but i have never tasted anything as good asthat one… the most awesome shiskebab, and food, I have ever tasted… belongs to a very small place called Troy Kebab in Hackney, it might not look like much but the people there are super friendly and the food is awesome,
don’t eat too much though! its also super addicting and not so healthy ? -_-” hehe ö_ö

me and the boyfriend,
we use to indulge in it pretty often 😡


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