Some of my favorite makeup "gurus" on youtube :) #1

So I enjoy watching makeup tutorials and makeup videos of all kinds ,crazy, funny, professional, stage and basically just creative videos, and these are a couple videos from the ones I watch the most,
So digg in and enjoy πŸ˜€

To start it off this is Misichelle Phan, I have been watching her videos for a very long time and seen her progress in her art,


Recently her videos took a rather dramatic change from her creative style and headed more towards high fashion, and the audience was not so kind to that change,
My take on that was most likely due to her rise of fame in youtube giving her more opportunities irl (lol) but taking away time from her youtube videos,

but she still has allot of creativity left to give thats for sure,

Aaanyway enough about that, these here are some of my favorite videos with her! πŸ˜€

My top 4

Tim Burton Look ~

~Lookat those nails! oh my

Geisha modified Look~

Forest Fairy

Seductive Vampire

Michelle Phan on youtube Official site ~ Dailylife

And here is Promise Phan shes someone related to Michelle, she’s her sister-in law, she has very distinctive features but she manages to contour them very nicely, AND she is also very creative,

Michelle Phan’s viewers have been a bit harsh on her since they get compared allot but she still has her loyal fans behind her πŸ™‚
but for me it usually very fun to watch some of her videos,

I started a bit late watching her videos, Mabey one year ago? I might have seen some of her videos before that occasionally but didn’t start properly watching them until around a year ago or so,

Promise likes doing transformation rather than enhancing or conventional makeup πŸ˜€

So go ahead here you go! πŸ˜€ make your own decisions :3

Jessica Rabbit

Angelina Jolie

Michael Jackson

yeah you heard me lol

I had a hard time finding the fourth video I wanted to put up, It was between this one or fairy Barbie Princess lol Zombie won! XD


Promise on youtube Official site

Wow.. here is a tricky one, lol… I think this girl is absolutely hillarius! I remember the first time I watched her video…. wow it was unexpected… i laughed my butt off! haha, her name is Gloria Shuri Nava,

if you don’t like swearing you better skip these ones, because she swears pretty much and makes it seem pretty effortless…. lol.. she makes humour makeup tutorials and makes allot of fun of herself in the meantime,

allot of people comment very negatively about her size and weight since she is a plus+ girl :3 but For my part I think those people are twats πŸ™‚

basically don’t take her very seriously she does it for the laughs πŸ™‚

Ganguro Look

Avatar Look

Chola Look

Whore…. makeup video lol

Gloria on youtube official site ~ daily life?

This is Asahi and she is from Japan,

she doesn’t talk English so her videos are always accompanied by creative music and strong visuals, made by herself lol :)sometimes she can be a bit over the top… ΓΆ_ΓΆ but I very much enjoy her creativity and her fun attitude :)I really like the music she selects as well in her videos, it goes very nicely together πŸ˜€

Asahi is pretty high on my list :O concerning talent X)

the start in her videos can sometimes come across as a bit tarded tough…
well shes a bit of a showoff…? :3
so be careful, don’t overload on her, she might get a bit annoying if you watch too much .. x_x but ofc. everyones different

Fun Girly~girl Look

Zebra Look

Hippie Style

Waterproof Style :3


Well I have allot more but I will put them up separately and after a few posts, this is just way too mutch lol XD let’s break it up a bit πŸ˜€
and the font, I was playing around with html for it, wow its allot of work lol -_-” haven’t done that in ages, so it takes forever lol

Hope you ENJOYED it! πŸ˜€



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