A fun site

I’ve been going to http://www.stumbleupon.com allot lately 🙂 to me i’ts really fun 🙂 I find things that I might not have noticed otherwise from the internet, even though my friend said that she would have to get paid to use that site since it seems so boring -_-”
but cie la vie, everyones different 🙂
I would like to think though that for most people it would be fun to at least check it out before making a judgement :3

I like finding random polished or unpolished gems for the heart mind and/or soul


3 comments on “A fun site

  1. lol just googled the url and came up a bunch of different blogs with the same comment from you,no prob in publicising, but I hope you take the time to actually check the sites you give comments to and not just check where we live… I checked your site, cant really comment much about it since i'ts in Chinese :3

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