Charlie Sheens winning recipies

I dunno where to start with this Charlie Sheen story lol! well I can say that I occasionaly watched 2 and a half man, and for me it was pretty good to meh sort of show 🙂 Carlos Irwin Estevez a.k.a Charlie Sheen is all over the place atm, the reason? he did drugs, drinking too much booze and buying hookers, and basically pissing people off? and it got him fired from the show, so theres allot going on over there ö_ö
if you want more information about the Charlie sheen phenomenon you can go here SomeMoreInfo or here Interview and check out more stuff I really dont want to get into all that -_-”
he’s a funny guy in the right amount ._. well heres his video of a…. cooking show?

and his catch phrase “i’m winning”, hes cashing in on it as much as he can 🙂

Wasnt sure if i should partake in this madness, but this video was pretty funny to me so eh -_-”


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