What do you think of this combination?

A quick comfy combination, with a touch of chick/rock ^-^
and since it’s still snowing and cold here, we hold of the summer suits for a bit longer :3

If you drive in snow during the day, you will find theres allot of reflection witch can give you a huge headache -_-”and for you girls with sensitive eyes like me or who tend to get migraines, these awesome shades come in very handy ;D

A really nice sweater

Something that will warm you once you take off the sweater -_^

Awesome pants 😉

And the shoes, dont forget X)

Grab your mitts and youre ready to go 😀

was wondering if plain black deep denim would have been better for the pants so there wouldn’t be rocking overload! XD lol well that is if it was casual rock, but idunno :3 what do you think?
but all these things are really nice

the pants come from this very nice site, I would absolutely mix it in with my style 😀


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